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87%  UK population is connected to Internet. This makes well over 30 million adults.

How many customers does your website send you every month?

Internet is the most cost effective medium to attract new prospects. In recession when every high street store was losing business, Internet retailers flourished.

May be you already have a website !

  • How many visitors your website attracted last month? Or more importantly,
  • How much business did you do from your website last month (in ££s)?
  • What is the ROI (return on investment) from your spend on keeping your site operational versus the business your receive from it?

If your site is not attracting enough prospects or somehow converting them into paying customers then it is not proving its viability. In that case it is a liability rather than an asset.

Your business needs assets not liabilities.

May be you do not have a website yet !

Quick research will show that:

  • A basic low end design of a 5-7 page website by a professional costs between £500 to £1,000. A more professional site would easily cost between £2,000 - £10,000.
  • To operate, you will require business grade web hosting on an ongoing basis (costs £25 per month).
  • To automate your website marketing, you may want to consider a world class autoresponder program (around £20 per month).
  • You must continuely create new pages and write fresh & relevant content for your website to stand a chance to be taken seriously by search engines like Google and Yahoo. This is important if you want to be ranked high enough on their search results so you can receive free web visitors.
  • To get on the right side of search engines, you will have to write with correct keyword density, get th naming structure of your pages correct, create a site map which is readable by all major search engines and then notify them every time the site is updated.

And that is just the start.  There are many others requirements that make search engines to consider your website relevant enough to be presented to their clients, the web searchers.

When you start receiving web visitors without spending thousands on advertising, only then your website is treated as a business asset rather than a liability or the cost centre.

Many professional companies can help your website to rank high in search engines so that it brings you free visitors - but such professional services generally cost in the region of £1,000 to £2,500 per month (with long term contractual tie ins).

So much for 'Free' traffic.

But not with us. We provide a complete website solution that does not cost the earth.

Taking DIY Option

Search engines handle millions of search queries on Internet every hour. If your website is ranked high, you can be certain to receive a respectable proportion of that traffic - without having to advertise.

87% of all Internet searches in UK are done on Google's search engine platform. If your website is not optimised to be ranked high for Google then it is not even in the game, let alone with a chance to win. It is just a statistic.

In addition to Google, your site should ideally also satisfy strict expectations of Bing (owned by Microsoft), Yahoo and other search engines.

Now, you can take the DIY route - spend time to learn and figure out how to do it yourself. From plenty of books available, you can learn all the correct strategies and then do all the above in your own time (or get your staff do it). Once you figure out the correct process, it will take hours every day - and that is if it is being done correctly.

The problem is - it can take between 3-6 months to know whether your process or strategy was right or not. If not then start all over again.

Or Let Professionals Do It For You

From a small outlay per month, we provide complete website solution to our clients. This includes:

  • Complete website design
  • Included: Initial copyrighting of the website (just tell us about your business).
  • Included: Ongoing copyrighting for your website. New pages and written and uploaded to your website twice a week. A site map is created every time website is updated and search engines notified.
  • Included: Onsite SEO (search engine optimisation)
  • Included: Ongoing advice on SEO strategies and best practices to position your website rank higher in search engines.
  • Included: World class cloud computing based web hosting.
  • Included: Dozens of programs to skyrocket productivity and grow your business.
  • NO CONTRACTS: No tie ins, no small print - monthly renewal. Cancel any time.

Order your website today and let professionals handle the online presence of your business.

Concentrate On Growing Your Business Rather Than Learning... Let Experts Handle The Rest!

We have been involved with Internet technology for over 14 years. We have built hundreds of websites with great results.


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