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About us

Maxi Results specialises in providing complete turn-key solution to help businesses establish strong and sustained online presence of their brand. It provides professional website design, expertly written content, regular site updates, world class hosting solutions as well as online marketing tools for the business - all in one package.

Our Complete Website Service Solution is provided under our software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. Our innovative and technology driven solutions help small businesses conduct effective and ROI based marketing to acquire more clients while keeping costs really low.

Maxi Results is a UK based company and works closely with clients from industries like real estate, restaurants, health and others.

Key Facts

  • Maxi Results is a privately owned company based in the UK
  • Maxi Results' customers base is primarily in UK
  • Development aims and goals are based entirely on the requests and feedback received from its customers and prospects.
  • We continue to innovate, develop and release updates containing new features & enhancements for our customers.
  • We pride ourselves on an excellent reputation for support and strive to maintain that in future.

Our Aims

  • To provide a feature rich and fully serviced, yet easy-to-use website solution that delivers complete, out-of-box online business presence for our customers.
  • To make it easy for our customers to add, edit and customise content on their website.
  • To help train and educate our customers with best and most effective marketing practices to help grow their business.
  • To constantly improve and take advantage of new technologies & solutions

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