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Frequently Asked Questions

How long are your contracts?
There are no contracts. It is simple to start and stop your service at any time you wish.

We offer effectively the pay-as-you-go type contract that rolls over on a monthly basis. This makes the minimum term as just one month.

Naturally we would like you to stay as our customer for a long time. But it is our policy to confirm with our customers whether they wish to continue after 36 months, if they are still with us.

Can I cancel my account at any time?
Yes, you can cancel your service at any time. The cancellation is instantaneous - just log into your client area and cancel your account. It is that simple - really! Or just let us know by submitting a support ticket and we will cancel it for you.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept online payments from PayPal. The great thing about PayPal is you make a secure payment whether you currently have a PayPal account or not. PayPal accepts all major credit cards.

What services do you offer?
We provide a complete end-to-end website service solution for your online business. It includes website building and hosting, initial copyrighting, ongoing copyrighting plus many other programs and features to help run your online presence undistracted. To see all the services we offer, click here.

Do I need another web host?
No. All websites managed by maxiResults are hosted on our servers which are run on cloud computing. In other words our infrastructure can withstand heavy traffic load at most times. As hosting is part of the overall package, you do not need another hosting service.

What type of hosting do you offer?
We offer shared hosting for your website. The site is hosted on Linux servers which are compatible with PHP and MySQL. Similar type of servers host most major websites around the world.

Your hosting account also comes with popular but non-proprietry programs like WordPress, Joomla, osTicket, mail boxes, phpBB (customer forums), osCommerce, shopping cart and dozens others. Their non-proprietry nature means that the cost of running the websites is lower, which we pass on to you. Which is why our charges are extremely competitive.

Why don't I get Zillion GB of storage and bandwidth for my website and milion FTP accounts and databases?
Because our service is reliable. Your website will be hosted on world class business graded infrastracture which uses cloud computing to provide all the resources you need. If your website's requirements (and cost justification) exceed what we have to offer then it can be upgraded to a dedicated server.

How long will my website take to be setup?
Usually 7-10 business days. As soon as you place order, your account will be instantly set up. Our staff will get in touch with you shortly afterwards to discuss requirements and advice the precise timeline for your website.

Our design team always aims to make your website live much quicker the the maximum 10 working days.

I do not have a domain name for my website.
That is no problem. You can buy either .com or domain name for your website at the same time as placing your order. However buying from us is not the requirement - you can use your existing provider if you wish, in which case you will have to just change the name server to point it to our servers (see next answer for more details). 

I already have a domain name for my website. What is the next step for me?
If your website's domain name is registered with another company then all you have to do is change the name server. This is like moving your house and instructing post office to redirect your mail to another address. Simply log in to your domain name provider's admin panel and change the nameservers to: ( (

The domain traffic should automatically be redirected to your new website in about 24 hours.

I already have a website and I do not want to move it to your servers. But I want to benefit your services. Is it possible?
Yes. In most cases we can help. Please contact us we will find a suitable and cost effective solution for your requirements.

Can I download my maxiResults dashboard or website to my computer?
No. We provide a hosted and ongoing services. Your website and its content is managed from our servers. So it is not possible to download it.

How do I renew my package?
It is renewed automatically on the due date every month. You will receive an email notification.

Do you offer any discounts?
Yes, we offer a 15% discount if you wish to pay up-front for the year. Payment must be made via direct bank transfer or cheque. To discuss this option, please contact us and we will send you the details.

Can you provide me the invoice for my accounts?
Invoices are sent automatically to your email account. You can also download all your invoices at any time by logging in to your account.

How do I sign up?
You start with signing up here

I have a question that is not answered here
Let us know and we would love to answer any queries you have.

Click here for details on how to contact us.



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