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Marketing through Engagement via Relevant Content

We specialise in delivering solutions to engage and build relationship with your target online audiences. We design search engine friendly websites and write & upload relevant and engaging content for your site visitors.

Our solutions also include email follow up of your prospects to create and build deeper relationship. Follow up marketing helps convert more prospects into paying customers.

Our methodology and main benefits are highlighted below:

  • Engage target audience: Our solution engages your target audience and offers them unique experience - without your proactive or daily involvement. This frees up your time to handle more pressing and immediate needs of the business.
  • Competitive advantage: Our solution helps build a deeper relationship and bond between you and your prospects. Engaging content helping to solve your visitor's immediate issues helps you to be positioned as an expert in your field. This perception, and hence relationship, gives your business a major competitive advantage over your competition. The trust acquired this way is very hard to gain via advertising or other promotional activities.
  • Always fresh: As we continue to add, your website's content is always fresh and relevant. This gives the impression of your company being much bigger and resourceful.
  • Easy distribution: Our unique distribution system makes sure that all the content that our online writers write and editors approve is uploaded to your website automatically. No involvement is required from your side.
  • No 3rd  party branding: Our solution offers no 3rd party branding or endorsement. Your customers get the impression that the content is written by your in-house experts.
  • Search engine friendly: All content is produced to attract search engine spiders to your site more often. All the material is relevant and rich with keywords that are being searched by visitors. Constantly fresh content attracts search engine spiders more frequently so as the website to be indexed. This helps with your natural or organic search rankings. In other words search engines are more likely to show constantly changing websites with relevant content in their search results over and above the les relevant sites or the ones which hardly change. From these listings, your clients find links to your site. When search engines start ranking your website higher as a direct result of fresh and regular content, it almost always translates into a higher number of visitors. So the main key here is regular and optimised website updates.  

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